It all started drawing UK woven neckwear in 1994 with our founder's lucky soft-leaded drafting pencil. Over a decade later in 2005, Bird Dog Bay was born, carrying forth the passion of hand drawn whimsical men's accessories. Next was Collared Greens, created out of a deep appreciation for American jobs and manufacturing. Then Beau & Tassel debuted, celebrating the sartorial style of England and its long pedigree of brilliant craftsmanship. Last but certainly not least is Skiff Dogs, our swimwear and more brand with a focus on recycled fabrics and dedicated to environmental stewardship.

Managing four brands in an industry that’s pretty competitive, we are asked questions about corporate structure and organization. Frankly, we don’t know much about corporate structure. What we do know is a lot about making great apparel and accessories that people love. We know every detail matters, that each piece is made thoughtfully, less is more, except when more is more, and -- it helps to have a sense of humor.

We don’t even use the word company. We’ve always said we’re a team, or family. No matter who you are, we always work together to bring the absolute best quality goods in the marketplace. Our head of operations likes to personally answer customer service emails, our chief accountant enjoys packing orders, and our CEO loves early morning mountainside hikes with our bird dog mascot. As we are a small team, our way of doing things might be a little different than our peers. Some people tell us it’s going ‘the extra mile’ - we just say it’s the family way.

Welcome to our family! Make yourself comfortable, don’t hesitate to give us a shout anytime, we'd love to hear from you.