After 25 years of working in England with the finest silk mills in the world for our Bird Dog Bay brand, we had developed a love for British advanced dress and second to none craftsmanship. Seeking a Savile Row level of quality for our next venture, we explored up and down the United Kingdom. Finally, a proper hosiery mill was found, one of the last in the heart of English sock manufacturing, carrying a proud tradition from the 1860s. It was exactly what we had been looking for, and a perfect fit for our growing family of brands.

Their bright colors and lively patterns separate Beau & Tassel from the drab socks of what’s come before, and their impeccable construction and historical pedigree ensure a quality many ‘fast fashion’ competitors lack. In the spirit of sartorial brilliance, our dancing caimans mark was born. Sporting their spats and bowlers for a natty night on the town, Beau and Tassel imbue our signature cheeky sophistication. We hope you’ll also feel light on your feet, and that you join us for proper socks that are truly two of a kind. Cheers!